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Presenting SOGIM

SOGIM Sociedade de Gestão de Investimentos Imobiliários LTDA, was created in 1996 and its main focus is Real Estate focus especially on incorporation and management of its own or third party real estate.  “We know Real Estate investments”.

For over 14 years SOGIM developed enterprises in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Bahia states with almost 300 mil m² of total construction area (TBA) divided into different segments: commercial, hotels, residential and leisure.

To reach such success SOGIM performs a professional management on investments with diligent participation in administration guidelines along with a group of important partners that are reliable, possess know-how and are recognized in areas of intervention.

The SOGIM investment strategy includes

Risk dispersion
via partnership participation
(20% to 40%)

Detailed selection
of investments
with focus on risk, profitability and exposure

"AAA" standard Enterprises:
High standard commercial and residential buildings and resorts for middle and high class people.

Professional management of investments
with a diligent participation

in the respective administration guidelines


Over these years, SOGIM has consolidated its abilities in order to develop and administer investment groups by engaging important partnerships with big financial groups, enabling real estate enterprises of diversified size and characteristics.

Today, SOGIM develops real estate projects notably hotels and commercial buildings integrated to PAGIM shopping malls taking advantage of the structure, security and comfort shopping malls offer as well as to generate flow through these even during low peak hours.

The SGC Group is present and active in the real estate business since 1987 and has acquired an important position in the European scenery through SGC Imobiliária S.A, responsible for the construction of the real estate corporate complex Alfrapark.

The company is controlled by the SGC, one of the largest business groups in Portugal, with its main business segments Automotive, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Sanitation.